Our seafood has

a history…

Our History

Our seafood history stems from our experience and knowledge, which runs through our passion for quality fish, shellfish, scallops and lobster.

Knowledge. Service. Experience.

Our Values & Mission

Founded in 1985 by Gordon Perlman our company is an industry leader with solutions for our customers that are efficient and competitive...

Our Seafood Offerings

We offer FAS - Frozen at Sea - Cod and Haddock. Caught in the icy cold waters of Iceland on a state of the art processing boat that fillets the fish and freeze them...

Sustainability & Social Vision

We believe our business must have a strong ethical view to operate profitably in the long run, as well as ensuring a better future for us all. That's why we are proud members of...


Quality defines everything. At Pearlmark our message is strong; we do not sell second quality products...

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