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Confidence. Partnership. Service.


Founded in 1985 by Gordon Perlman our company is an industry leader with solutions for our customers that are efficient and competitive. Our offices in the Maritimes, Montréal, Toronto, Calgary and Vancouver, staffed by knowledgeable procurement and sales teams, are part of this history, which makes us grow stronger each year. It runs with respect for our customers and a strong business ethic. We are always seeking new products that are healthy, nutritious and end user oriented.

This is our future.




We reach deep to provide you the seafood solution customized to your needs while respecting our common future. Our suppliers are from all continents. We source from renewable and traceable fisheries and aquacultures that are part of the Ocean Wise Program, the Marine Stewardship Council and the Aquaculture Stewardship Council. We strongly believe the environment must have a future so we can.


Service is core to our vision when offering seafood to our customers. We travel the extra mile to deliver our products in time and as promised. We are leaders in just-in-time B2B delivery!

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We are always looking to partner with overseas facilities to source new products. Pearlmark is a broker/importer/exporter of choice in Canada, with entries to most foodservice customers and to all major chain stores for retail items. Contact us and we will be happy to hear what you have to offer. We are integrators between the needs of our customers/partners and the offerings of our suppliers/partners.

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